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Helping you develop
your practice through understanding patterns
of relating

At Learn with CATO, we are making Cognitive Analytic Therapy more accessible to Health and Social Care Professionals by integrating our clinical experience and strong relational values with contemporary delivery methods.

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Find out how our innovative training could help you or your organisation to become more relational in its approach to help your clients.

Our approach


We believe that learning new techniques, informed by Cognitive Analytic Therapy, has to be practical so that you can apply it to your work.


We take this approach with all of our courses, whether it's part of your professional development as a therapist or through our staff training programmes.



We believe that it is important to

only use qualified and experienced 

Cognitive Analytic Therapists to deliver our training.

This means that our Tutors are able to create a safe space for staff to openly reflect about their experiences of supporting people who have been through trauma.



We recognise the value of using modern delivery methods to make training more accessible to people and organisations.  

With our blended training offers, staff access introductory modules online in advance of any face-to-face training, so they are not learning lots of new concepts on the day. 

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Find a course

Find a course


On-demand Learning

Cognitive Analytic Therapy:
An Introductory Course for
Health and Social care

Developed by qualified and practicing CAT therapists, you will gain the knowledge you need as you take your first step towards becoming a CAT practitioner.


Hybrid Learning

A New Relational Approach to Trauma Informed Care Training

Have you heard about Trauma Informed Care, but you aren't sure how you can apply it to your practice?

Our comprehensive training will teach you the fundamentals of Trauma Informed Care and equip you with the relational skills to provide the highest quality of care.

Some of our Customers

“The staff at Guideposts work so hard, in challenging circumstances, and it’s wonderful they can benefit from such practical training."

Mellissa Noton
Executive Coach & Trustee

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