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Our Pledge to make Oxfordshire more Inclusive

You might be surprised to hear that despite Oxfordshire being one of most affluent regions in the UK, which manages to put more into the economy than it takes out. It is actually the second most unequal place to live in the UK when comparing income, housing affordability, life expectancy and educational attainment, which are all below average across the life span.

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter was launched on Tuesday 24 January 2023 by the The Future Oxfordshire Partnership to tackle this and sets out the ambition to get employers, business, education, community groups and local government working together to share knowledge, expertise and resources to improve the county and make the local economy more inclusive for all.

At Learn with CATO, we are very proud of being from Oxfordshire and have a long history of contributing for many years to the people of Oxfordshire through our work in the NHS.

It is important to us to keep contributing and making a pledge to the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter fits perfectly with our values.

We promise:

  1. As a supplier of goods and services we pledge to support local community projects by sharing our skills and expertise with local groups

  2. As a buyer we pledge to buy goods and services from purposeful local organisations, including SMEs, social enterprises and cooperatives, wherever possible

  3. As a buyer we pledge to buy from organisations who pay the Oxford Living Wage and who request this of organisations in their own supply chains

If you want to find out more or even sign up to the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter, click here.

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